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Jerry Winick

Jerry Winick is truly a master of pencil art, elevating the medium to breathtaking heights with his meticulous attention to detail and unique style of photorealism. His dedication to each piece is evident in the time he spends, sometimes up to three months, perfecting every aspect of his drawings. It's no wonder that viewers often struggle to believe they're looking at pencil drawings upon first glance.

As both an artist and a teacher at Pencilworks Studio, which he owns, Winick, at 81 years old, still shares his passion and expertise with others, ensuring that his legacy extends beyond his own creations. 

With more than 300 awards to his name and his work displayed in prestigious collections and museums throughout the New York metropolitan area, Winick's influence on the art world is profound.

The inclusion of his portrait of Barack Obama in the Obama Presidential Library further solidifies Winick's place in history, capturing not just the likeness of a significant figure but also the essence of his subjects with his pencil.

For those who wish to bring a piece of Winick's mastery into their own homes, his collection is available as signed and numbered limited edition lithographs and giclees, allowing admirers to own a piece of his artistry.  Originals are also for sale upon request.

Jerry's Drawing of President Obama will be on display at the presidential library. Click Here to read more about it.